Welcome to the new Urban Life website

Urban life is a network of people exploring and researching new approaches to mission and Christian presence in deprived and marginalised urban neighbourhoods.

Urban Life people are passionate about cities. We belong to or have moved into neighbourhoods that have been marginalised and feel overlooked. We seek to connect the raw experience of life in these areas with theological thinking and reflection. We explore what it means to follow Jesus in troubled places and understand how a Jesus-centred presence might bring a fresh imagination for life in contemporary urban areas.

Urban Life focuses on training and research

  • Learning Journeys: working with small Christian communities and mission teams to help them explore the key challenges of mission shaped living in deprived neighbourhoods. Tutors engage in a learning journey with the whole team in their own locality.
  • Theology-To-Go: city-wide groups for those who are experienced in urban ministry and mission and want to keep learning.
  • On-line: shared stories and insights from cities around the UK; webinars and resources; research materials.
  • Conferences and seminars: drawing on practice and theory to explore key urban challenges.
  • Research Degrees: Masters and PhD level research degrees in areas relating to the theology and practice of mission in contemporary urban situations.

Urban Life is Based in Bristol and Has Been Formed by a Group of Partner Organisations

Baptists Together BMS Urban Expression Bristol Baptist College