About Us

Urban Life is a network of people exploring new approaches to mission and Christian presence in deprived and marginalised urban neighbourhoods in the UK.

urban-city-montage-final-5Urban Life has grown out of the experience of many Christians who find themselves wrestling with the challenges of following Jesus in tough urban neighbourhoods. In 2013 a proposal was presented to a number of key organisations with the idea that they could reach out and support these groups to engage on their own terms with the key issues that were emerging. In 2014 Baptists Together, Urban Expression, Bristol Baptist College, Baptist Missionary Society and Trinity College Bristol took the bold step of coming together to provide resources to support people engage with key issues facing their communities.

Urban Life is for people who are passionate about cities. It is for those who belong to or have moved into neighbourhoods that have been neglected. By engaging in reflection on real-life struggles, practical theology and community formation we seek to understand how a Jesus-centred presence might bring a fresh imagination for life in contemporary urban communities and troubled places.

  • Urban Life provides practical, local and accessible training to Christian groups, intentional communities and churches in challenging urban areas and in neighbourhoods that have been pushed to the margins.
  • Urban Life brings projects, resources and research to your own local context that relates to your own situation and the challenges you face.

Linking with urban areas across the UK

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