a time of transition

  It is now more than four years since Mike began to lean into developing learning processes for mission practitioners in marginal places drawing together...

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Jonny Baker, director of Mission Education at Church Mission Society, recently reviewed the first two books of the Mission in Marginal Places series, The Theory...

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My Cathedral City

 One of the exciting things we do at Urban Life is organise Theology-to-Go groups in cities across the UK. These groups allow urban Christian practitioners...

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Missional in Marginal Places - The Theory

Launching New Book Series

Urban Life is pleased to be launching a series of books in conjunction with Paternoster Press. The books in this series will explore doing mission...

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Seven Years Living on Knowle West Estate – Bristol

We are just celebrating seven years of living on the Knowle West Estate. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is that a bunch of us are still here and trying our best to be some kind of Christian community. Much has happened and we could tell many stories.

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Urban Life celebrates two years!

Urban Life Celebrates Two Years!

Since launching in June 2014 Urban Life has started to deliver learning experiences around the country, and develop resources for learning and research. The work has been facilitated by a growing group of experienced and innovative facilitators. Here are some milestones Urban Life celebrates.

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Interview: The Rent Trap

Samir Jeraj along with Rosie Walker recently published The Rent Trap: How we Fell into It and How we Get Out of It, exploring this growing phenomenon. The book offers a critical account of what is really going on in the private rented sector and expose the powers which are conspiring to oppose regulation. Samir Jeraj, a journalist who specialises in housing issues and former city councilor, recently took some time to answer some questions for Urban Life.

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Linking with urban areas across the UK

...Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham...