How we work

Our work is shaped by:

Reflection on Practice: Rigorous theological reflection is a key part of how we learn. The role of Urban Life is to act as theological accompaniers, helping groups to navigate the journey and enable a kind of ‘banter’ between their local story and theological themes. 

Context based: Where we are placed always shapes our learning and Urban Life fosters this connection by situating learning in context and by keeping conversation rooted in context.

Interdisciplinary: An interdisciplinary approach to theological learning, which means drawing on different fields such as Practical Theology, Social Science, and Urban Theory. 

Learning in Community: Urban Life believes that everyone is a learner, including the facilitators, so we are strongly relational and participatory in all of our activities. 

Inclusive: Open to all who want to reflect on their experience of mission in situations of marginalisation regardless of their role or academic experience. 

Attentive: Attentiveness to everyday life, through the particular use of ethnographic research methods among Christians in mission.