Launching New Book Series

Missional in Marginal Places - The TheoryUrban Life is pleased to be launching a series of books in conjunction with Paternoster Press. The books in this series will explore doing mission in marginalised places.

To celebrate the launch of the Mission in Marginal Places series, we will be releasing the first book in the series, Mission in Marginal Places: The Theory in Birmingham on Saturday 15 October at the Urban Expression Community weekend held at the International Mission Centre. For more info about the weekend, go here.

Introducing the Mission in Marginal Places series

Christian mission is facing critical challenges. Diverse, complex and rapidly changing contexts raise fundamental questions about the theology and practice of mission. The vision behind this series is to engage afresh with these questions in a way that will help to equip Christian communities of all kinds to develop mission in their own particular location.

The series incorporates a number of distinctive elements that it sees as critical for contemporary mission. Firstly that Christian mission must give priority to those on the margins of society and that questions of ‘difference’ must therefore be a guiding consideration in all aspects. Secondly, mission must be predicated on a practical or ‘lived’ theology which grapples with the actual experiences of life in a broad range of contexts. And thirdly, to be both rigorous and credible, mission studies must be in dialogue with the social sciences where much can be learned about the context for mission in relation to, for example, globalisation, shifting experiences of ‘place’ and ‘space’, self-other relationships, urban studies and changing patterns of marginalisation.

At heart, our intention is to help readers ground such theology and understandings into their own personal journey; to reflect on the character and spiritualities needed to sustain such an embodied and highly contextual approach to mission; and to help develop rhythms and practices to enable such engagement.

Forthcoming books in series:
  • Paul Cloke & Mike Pears (eds), Mission in Marginal Places: the Theory (2016)
  • Paul Cloke & Mike Pears (eds), Mission in Marginal Places: the Praxis (2016)
  • Paul Cloke & Mike Pears (eds) Mission in Marginal Places: the Stories (2017)
  • Paul Cloke & Mike Pears, Exploring Spiritual Landscapes: Mission in Marginal Places (2017)
  • Mike Pears, The Peaceful Way: Mission in Marginal Places (2018)
  • Mike Pears, Placing the Powers: Mission in Marginal Places (2018)


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