Helping Christians to foster careful and thoughtful listening to voices of those who experience marginalisation, exlcusion and deprivation through open-hearted attentiveness in order to become more aware of what’s happening in our communities.

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City Photo 1-OptimizedCreative Conversations helps Christians to explore the everyday experiences of those who find themselves marginalised and excluded in various ways from mainstream society. It involves making audio recordings of conversations between small groups of people followed by some careful and thoughtful analysis.

By introducing basic research methods that can be used in daily life, this project aims to introduce new depth to the way we listen to others in our day-to-day encounters. In doing so, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and sense of connection with those who find themselves marginalised so that we might become better neighbours.

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Big Issue sellerThe project was launched in April 2015 with a group of 14 people from around the country who found themselves deeply involved in a wide variety of marginal and deprived communities. In the following months they sought to convene conversations as a way of seeking to understand more deeply what people are experiencing in their own particular contexts.

We met again in November 2015 to hear from those who have been using Creative Conversations in order to draw upon the insights gained from around the country to help us learn more on how Christian communities can become an open-hearted and hopeful presence within situations we find ourselves in.

Creative Conversations is a joint project by Urban Life and CMS Pioneer Leadership Training and sponsored by Common Awards Research Network, Durham University.

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