Year-long study groups taking place across in cities across the U.K. exploring  how social exclusion and marginalization play out in our own everyday contexts and creative approaches Christian communities can take.

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  • To encourage ongoing learning and research for those involved in urban ministry and mission
  • To do practical theology that connects with your own place and explores the issues that you are facing.
  • To connect with helpful developments in theology and mission that relate to marginal contexts

Who is it for?

Theology-to-go is for Christians involved in a wide variety of urban situations and who want to join others to reflect theologically upon the issues they face.

  • For people who want to do some theological study that relates to mission but with a less formal approach than an accredited course.
  • For those who are doing research in theology and mission and want to come together with others in their area.
  • Those who want to connect with others who are asking similar questions.
  • For Urban Expression team members and those who have done the Crucible Course

What is involved?

  • The year will be organised as a structured learning journey with 8 sessions, each of 3 hours, and participants should plan to be at all the sessions. Urban Life will facilitate the group with the assistance of a local co-host.
  • Meetings will be of a conversational-seminar style (always involving food and coffee!) with a mixture of presentation and discussion. Each subject will come with a short bibliography and some preparatory reading will be required for every session. Some introductory reading will be posted on the Urban Life website.
  • Group members will have access to resources on the URBANLIFE web site and (we hope) the use of college libraries.
  • URBANLIFE will arrange online seminars (webinars) around some of the key areas of interest.

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Pattern of Study

The programme for the year is designed to engage with key issues in the theology and practice of mission in areas of urban deprivation. The intention in this first year is to become familiar with a range of important themes so as to lay the foundation for further study and research. Some flexibility is planned as the year progresses so that a group can explore various issues in more depth.

  • Each session will introduce at least two recommended texts. Some preparatory reading will be posted online.
  • Discussion will be related to the particular contexts and interests of those in the group.
  • The group will have access to a dedicated log-on section of the URBANLIFE website where research papers and other resources can be shared.
  • The group will be encouraged to interact with Theology-to-Go groups in other cities to pursue shared areas of interest. There will be an opportunity to organise one-off webinars or joint seminars with groups in other cities to explore specific themes.


  • Costs are set by URBANLIFE with affordability in mind and no one should be excluded on the basis of costs. For suggestions see below or contact us.
  • Participants are encouraged to apply to their Association or Diocese for ‘further study’ grants. Grants should include an allowance for at least eight books during the year.
  • Trial groups will run in Birmingham and Bristol throughout 2015 and the cost for these will be £150 per participant (excluding books).

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If you would like to find out more about Theology-to-Go or would be interested in hosting a group in your area contact Mike Pears on