Theology and Mission in Contemporary Urban Contexts


11-12 Dec 2017 and 05-06 Feb 2018


This module will be delivered in Bristol


As home to more than half the world’s population, cities play a fundamental role in shaping cultures on a global scale. Their complex, interconnected and ever-changing modes of life have profound practical effects across society.

With a particular emphasis on British cities, this module will draw on sources from urban theology and urban studies to investigate the development of cities and their contemporary characteristics. The module offers the opportunity to look in more detail at particular urban situations (such as outer-city estates, immigrant communities, suburbs, city centres and gentrifying urban spaces) and how urban change consisting of gentrification, political austerity and post-welfarism is leading to spatial and social segregation. Connected to this we will explore how the context of globalisation and neoliberal governance is linked to both spatial splintering and socio-economic inequality in the city.

These changes are having a profound influence on the experience of living in the city and raise questions about the challenges they present to both theological engagements with urban contexts as well as practical Christian responses to the issues raised.

We will draw on key thinkers and practitioners in urban theology and mission to investigate how the Christian community has been responding to the multiple challenges raised by the rapid development of cities and we will critically review a range of missional responses to those challenges. Students will have the opportunity to study a specific urban context and to investigate how a contemporary model of urban mission might suggest a fresh approach to the challenges raised there.

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