Accredited Modules

We have delivered a wide range of modules at graduate and postgraduate level. Our creative approach means that we can be flexible in how these modules are delivered. Please contact us if you would like us to facilitate an online or in-person module for your course.

Community Development

Common Awards TMM3281

We have delivered a level 6 module in Community Development. It can be delivered in the class room and online with the option of site visits to understand the issues in practice.

Practical Theology

Common Awards TMM42920

Our practical theology module not only introduces a wide range of approaches to the subject, but enables to students to apply them to their own particular contexts.

Mission in Urban Contexts

Common Awards TMM45920

This Level 7 module explores how we might understand urban contexts through the lens of marginalisation. It engages with social sciences to encourage students to understand their sense of place and draws upon the rich tradition of urban theology.

Christian Ethics

Common Awards TMM41520

Our team have wide experience of teaching Christian Ethics at levels 6 and 7. In its Masters module form, we focus particularly on responses to poverty, social ethics and public theology.

What students have said?

“It’s felt exciting… Finding a language for some of the stuff I’ve been thinking has been great.” 

“The mission on the margins track has been inspirational and challenging; equipping me with the tools and understanding to better engage in inner city or outer estate ministry.”

Contact us if you’d like to explore whether we could lead a module on your course