Mission on the Margins

A life of mission on the margins can sometimes feel disorientating. The language to describe what is going on can seem out of grasp. Engaging in marginalised contexts for the long haul means learning to make sense of the place and our experiences there.

Urban Life is committed to the importance of taking time to reflect, discuss, think and pray – to form theological understanding that supports effective mission. To enable this, we have established a Mission on the Margins Practitioner track with St Hild College.

Mission on the Margins is accredited at Graduate and Postgraduate levels (Certificate, Diploma and MA). Although you may wish to be part of it along a non-accredited path. It includes modules specifically designed to explore mission on the margins. Every student has an experienced track facilitator walking with them through their study and a wider cohort to reflect with and learn from.

To find out more about Mission on the Margins, contact us at info@urbanlife.org. We would love to talk to you more and see how you might benefit from the course.

Track Features

Academic Pathway

The track includes modules that address issues that are specific to mission within marginalised contexts. The Mission in Contemporary Marginalised Contexts module helps you to understand how to interpret a community and highlights theological resources for engagement in mission. The Christian Ethics module examines a variety of issues, including poverty and civic engagement.


The track is accredited through Durham University’s Common Awards programme. It can be taken at a variety of levels. Everything from a Masters qualification to just for fun!

Peer Learning Workshops

The track provides opportunities too learn with others who are with a passion for mission in the margins. Each term there is a learning workshop for students to share on specific issues. Annually we hold a Practitioner Day for participants to present about their research interests.

Individual Tutoring

The track is an accompanied learning process where participants meet termly with an Urban Life team member. This enables participants to focus their study on the issues that matter to them.

To find out more about Mission on the Margins