Experiments in Mission in Leeds

Are you engaged in mission within a marginalised community or neighbourhood in Leeds? Would you like to spend time reflecting upon how are you doing this? If the answer to both questions is yes then Urban Life and Leeds Church Institute invite you to attend the Experiments in Mission Programme in 2022.

Experiments in Mission is a learning journey which draws together people working in different contexts of marginalisation in order to experiment in and reflect together on their practice. It engages with the latest developments in thinking about mission and marginalisation. Click here find out more about the approach of Experiments in Mission

Experiments in Mission will be held over 7 sessions on Tuesday mornings between 10 and 12:30. The dates are 29th March, 10th May, 14th June, 19th July, 13th September, 18th October and 29th November.

Experiments in Mission is free to anyone who is able to commit to all 7 sessions.

Click here to apply for Experiments in Mission in Leeds

For more details email andrew@urbanlife.org