More Questions Than Answers

More Questions than Answers is a conversation space to articulate questions around COVID-19 & consider, with others, the theological issues it raises.

More Question than Answers is an experimental reflective space in which to consider the theological questions that are raised by the current crisis. Each time we meet, we invite different academics to kick off the conversation and stimulate our thinking by sharing their emerging reflections with us. There is then time for us to respond to their input and discuss together.  At the end of the conversation, it’s likely we’ll still have more questions than answers but hopefully we’ll have captured some initial theological responses that, going forward, will enrich our experience, inform our questions and help frame our thinking.


Coming Up

We are currently planning a new series of More Questions than Answers starting in February 2022. Follow us on Twitter @urbanlifetweets for more details.

Previous Sessions:

You can watch the conversations from previous sessions.

November 2021: Lusa Ngoy

October 2021: Jayme Reaves

September 2021: Ann Morisy

April 2021: Casey Strine

March 2021: Selina Stone

February 2021: Sam Ewell

January 2021: Sally Nash

November 2020: Al Barrett

October 2020: Ruth Valerio

June 2020: Anna Rowlands

May 2020: Luke Bretherton

Let us know who you would like to suggest guests for More Questions than Answers.