Learning Resources

Learning is central to who we are and what we do. Here are some of the learning resources we’ve been involved in creating.

Creative Conversations is a practical resource for mission developed by Urban Life in partnership with Church Mission Society and International Baptist Theological Study Centre. Our free guide to Creative Conversations can be downloaded here.

In Reimagining Mission from Urban Places, Anna Ruddick, one of our team, draws on the stories of members of teams who had relocated to low-income neighbourhoods, and community members to paint a picture of mission and pastoral care. Rather than something that Christians do for God to others, mission is something that God is unfolding in the world, and in the church.

‘If public theology is wisdom crying out in the streets then we have to be near those who are crying out if we are to hear them.’ Wisdom Cries Out is a recently published short e-book written by one of our team, Andrew. You can download it for free here.

All our monthly More Questions than Answers sessions are recorded. You can watch them on our YouTube page.