Bespoke Projects

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‘It was a joy to reflect on our theology with Urban Life who facilitated spaces that allowed us to think creatively about who we are and what we do. The whole process was engaging and enjoyable, and connected us to an intellectual and practical theology that will serve us for years to come.’ Anna Bland, Leeds Methodist Mission

The flexibility of our approach means that we can tailor our learning processes to your specific project or piece of work. We have successfully accompanied a number of projects, teams and organisations across the UK to understand more of what they are trying to achieve. Let’s talk to find out if there are ways we can help you learn about and reflect upon your work.

Trussell Trust

We accompanied the national Trussell Trust team on their roadshow to help them discern how volunteers and workers theologically understood their work in food banks.

Leeds Methodist Mission

We facilitated a theological reflection course for the oversight team of a new methodist project in Leeds city centre. At the end of the course we collectively composed a document outlining the theological values that underpinned the initiative.

United Reformed Church

We attended a retreat of community workers from across the United Kingdom to listen to the conversation and reflect back to them some of the emerging theological implications for their practices. Read the report here.

Let’s talk about your project and how we might be able to reflect theologically with you.